Monday, December 26, 2016

101 Stocking Stuffers Book Review

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The book title is “101 Stocking Stuffers” by Oxmoor House/Leisure Arts in 1994. Being associated with Leisure Arts I would assume that there would be a summary at the library about this book but there was none.


The book has seven sections. Section one is Stocking to Stuff. The eight stockings were Sewing, Crocheting, or Knitting.

One reason I did this book after Christmas was to make the stocking you would have to really plan your time to make them and when I got the book it would be too late to make the stocking. Section two: Keepsakes for Someone Special. Again, project you just cannot whip up. On pages 34 and 35 the project “Furry Friends” was a good one to make things for cat and dog lovers. Section Three All Around the House on pages 60 and 61 the project name was Striped-Quilted Mitt & Towel This involves making your own quilted kitchen items which would take a couple of days to make. If you are a good sewing and used to making quilts you might take less time. Section Four Holiday Trimmings this section again I only found one interesting project on page 78 and 79 titled “Button Cross-Stitch Ornaments“ involving making ornaments with cross stitching Squares with saying for your tree or giving them as presents. The next three sections I was not impressed at all by they were Section Five Quick & easy Trimmings, Section Six for Tots to Teens and Section Fun Kids’ Crafts. The ages suggested for the project were not appropriate for the age suggested in my opinion as a teacher and parent.

When I got this book I thought it was ideas for items to put in a stocking; but, not only did it have ideas it had different stockings to make. 
Unfortunately, I was not that impressed with the book. Finding section which were not age appropriate and in the summary of the book at the library were not accurate this made me disappointed.

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