Sunday, April 29, 2012

Christmas Now in April????Crazy Thinking??

You must think I am crazy; but, if you think about it logically July is just around the corner. Well Christmas in July….right! That is only about two months away.  So the link to would be appropriate one to look at for ideas. They have all kinds of things to make. The site has beginner to advanced ideas in all kinds of medium. The site also has great suggestions for gifts for friends and family; even how to make your own Christmas Cards.  See this link:
For you sewers out there the following link has great ideas to sew.  I also subscribe to their sewing newsletter called “Sewing It Up” which has great ideas for all occasions and for each season. You too can sign up at

One suggestion is to make handmade ornaments using wool or Christmas-theme fabric. Then add hand-embroidery stitches or bead embellishments to personalize holiday ornaments. I have done this and they make great holiday gifts.

Here is another suggestion, which is a “No Sew” project that children can do.  This will make great gift for grandmothers and grandfathers.  You will need to get the following supplies:

  • a shirt ( the size the person you are making it for)
  • assorted Christmas fabric scraps or you can get patterned bandanna
  • fabric glue (“Aleene’s OK to Wash” fabric glue is the best.)
  • cardboard for shirt form (You can use a box or even one half of an empty cereal box as I have done in the past)
  • scissors
Place the cardboard inside the t-shirt as if the cardboard is wearing the shirt.   Cut out the shapes or patterns you want to use. Place them on the t-shirt in the pattern you want. Once you have them laid out exactly like you want it is time to start gluing.

One shape at a time:  Put glue on the backside of each shape then place the shape onto the t-shirt.  Remember not to use too much glue or you will have the glue squeezing out from behind the shape sideways in a mess onto the fabric. If you do use too much, use a paper towel and wipe off the excess glue. Let the glue dry as described on the manufacturer’s directions before you move the shirt.
Of course, once dry you could embellish the shirt with fabric paint, sequins, or lots of other things. Let your imagination run wild!

Red Heart yarn has several Free Christmas Projects to make either as crochet or knitting at  One of my favorite free patterns on that site is snow flake ornaments  


I’m afraid to try the garland on a tree with lights; because it could catch on fire, which would be our luck! The picture shows them hanging on a fireplace which would be OK if you were careful.                                              

Last but not least, cross stitch ornaments for Christmas makes a great quick and easy gift which you can find in any craft store or on-line. There are lots of free patterns at
You can also look at and for ideas.  I used the cross stitch club website to get the patterns for the coasters and for other ideas.


If you want to make quilts or cross stitch pictures for Christmas it is time to start thinking about what you will do as Christmas is only eight short months away.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!



  1. What a fun and easy Christmas shirt idea. Thanks so much for sharing it here Sandi.

  2. Sandi, I have a couple of easy things I'll try to bring and send with Kevin next month when Earl and I see him for Mavens. I used to do so many crafts. On every gift we mailed, I used something flat that could be hung on the tree instead of a bow. Of course, this was before I began writing books, and when we had to mail to lots of our kids' cousins. Now, we just send cards.