Saturday, December 31, 2016

Crocheting as therapy!

Hi! Crafters!

On the 27th I did blog post that had about project to make. To me it really did not explain how crocheting helped with stress and is great therapy. The other day, while I was catching up on my e-mail Red Heart was discussing about knitting and crocheting was great therapy and they had a video from I was very disappointed with the video; because, it was all about knitting.

Crocheting has the same qualities as knitting for example Benefits of crocheting and knitting include reduced stress, ability to cope with illness (physical or mental), decreased risk of cognitive impairment as you age, relaxing, repetitive motions such as the ones used in crochet can help calm down the body and the brain. Have you ever come home and sat down to work on your current project after a bad day? Not only does working on something you enjoy help, but the actual motions involved assist in creating a better mood. Crocheting has helped me get through illnesses.

Beside when I have made items for other cancer patients it has made me happy and has made them very happy. I know this from the “Thank You” notes I gotten.  The staff, patients, and doctors who approached me also have personally thanked me.   I have gotten other patient to crochet. Some are first time hooker or going back from when they learned as a child to thank me and how it helped. Several are now donating their work to different cancer charities. One individual stated how it has helped with their depression. I also had one patient say that she no long is taking her medicine.  My doctor confirmed what they were said; since, she knows what I have been doing. She encourages me to keep crocheting.

If you are an individual who has neuropathy, it has helped with fine motor skills and keeping your fingers and hands feeling good, besides help as your hands limber as one ages. I can attest to this because I have neuropathy and if I crochet in the morning while I drink my morning tea my hands and finger feel better.  They are less stiff the rest of the day.

Furthermore, all patterns involve some aspects of math, keeping your mind sharp and letting you practice math skills.

There is an article from Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Pain Society, about how knitting and crochet helped with pain management in 2006.

February 2013 issue of the British Journal of Occupational Therapy, revealed that the majority of knitters (here mostly white, female and avidly knitting) reported a significant relationship between knitting frequency and feeling calm and happy.

Crocheting can be done in groups, crocheting guilds, classroom or just get together with your friends every once in a while to chat and work on projects. Social activities help with depression, stress, etc. Help combat isolationism which helps with health problems. In addition, if an individual has a problem with a pattern. They can get help with a more experienced hooker. There may be a person who like the pattern and you could share the pattern with others.

There was a study were male and female prisoners were taught to crochet and their aggression has decreased, effects on mood, feelings, thinking, social activity and skills. They seem happier when they were making projects for charities, such as hats for the needy, or blankets for animal shelters.

Now, they are saying patients with PTSD are being helped by learning how to crochet and knitting.

I remember when I taught my special needs students to crochet it affect their mood; especially, when they were making items for the animal shelter.

My opinion you need to get out there and share your love of crocheting. I always have yarn and hooks on my key chain in my purse. I crochet in the doctor’s office, in the parking lot waiting for my son to get out of class or work etc. I give out my business cards and write websites for them to go to learn.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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