Friday, December 16, 2016

Marshmallow Menorah Craft

Hi! Crafters!

I am not sure if you want to eat this after Hanukkah is over with being food item used but that will be up to your family. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a picture for the project.

Materials:  cardboard, marshmallows, canned frosting, milk, food dye


On a rectangular stiff board or paper, line up 9 marshmallows, gluing them down with store-bought canned frosting.

On the middle one, add one or two more marshmallows so that it is taller.

Paint them (we put food dye in some milk and used that).

Push grocery-store small birthday-cake candles into the marshmallows.

As you may know, the "taller" or somehow-distinctive candle is called the "shamus" or "leader," and it's with that candle that you lit the others.

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