Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Santa Face Ornament

Hi! Crafters!

Santa craft on Christmas ornament. An individual can use a clear plastic ornament instead of one already painted. The crafter will have to paint the ball with white or cream paint first and then let it dry before making the face on it.

Santa Face Ornament

Materials:  2.5 inch (6cm) White or cream Christmas Ball, Paints for face, Blue, pink, black, white & grey, scissors, Ribbon for hanging and bow, 1.2 inch (2.5cm) pompom, 8x 1/2 inch(20 x 1.4cm) white felt or batting, 4 inch (10cm) high x 7.5 inch (19cm), wide triangle, spray varnish, and Craft glue


Start by taking your white or cream ball and painting the face onto the ball. Follow picture above or be as detailed or as basic as you energy or mood.

To make your paint more durable give it a light spray with varnish.

Take your red felt triangle and glue it into a hat shape. Glue on the white felt or batting to form the Santa hat.

You can add a small ribbon bow to the hat and then glue the hat onto the top of the ball. If your ball has a metal hanger cut a small hole in the hat to pull it through.

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