Monday, December 5, 2016

Beaded Icicles

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Yes, it states Icicles it is not just one but several grouped together. This is for adult project; because, needle nose pliers and cutters are need. Yet, the project is with monofilament instead of wire because of the beads used in this project.

Beaded Icicles

Materials:  monofilament, wire cutter, crimper beads or beads thread can be thread through the filament, needle nose pliers, ribbon, beaded monofilament, wire


Cut different lengths of wire from 3" - 5" inches long.

Normally an individual uses monofilament instead of wire; but, if you do not have crimper beads.  You can substitute whatever works best for you, just make sure it fits through your beads and findings first.


String one end of the wire through a hole in your finding and loop

String various beads onto your wire.  Use different colors and shapes to add some special interest.

Repeat until your finding is full. See below:

You can use ribbon, beaded monofilament, or more wire to add a hanger to the top. See original picture in the beginning of this post.

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