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The Best Christmas Crafts Ever!

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Kathy Ross is the author of “The Best Christmas Crafts Ever!”  The publisher is The Millbrook Press the book was published first in 1998, then 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002


I can only assume the projects were either update or more were added that is why so many publishing dates. I am not a writer or in publishing, I am just a simple crafter and was a special education teacher and parent. There are three sections and there titles are “ Making your Own Gifts”, “ Trim the Tree” and “Deck the Halls”.

There were 83 projects in this book; but, I only picked 14 to talk about. A lot of Kathy Ross books that I have gotten are for children to make and some a recyclable items. As most of you know I called them upcyle to me it sounds better; because, recyclable sounds like you took it out of the garbage.

 Okay, so here we go, We are starting on page 42 and 43 Christmas Cat Collar because the beginning are either not interesting or similar to ones we discussed before. Christmas Cat Collar is a no sew project. On pages 44 and 45, Catalog Christmas Tree; which uses a catalog book. I am not sure you can find one big enough for this project. When I was a child we used to use a Readers Digest magazine, not sure you can find one these days.  “Pipe Cleaner Reindeer” which is on pages 62 and pages 63. This one maybe like one I discussed before, This next one is a upcyle project “Napkin Covered Ball” which is on pages 64 and 65. I love the idea of making dog biscuit but this one is not food item on pages 68 and 69 titled “Dog Biscuit Dog”. The project is making a ornament shaped in a biscuit put has a dog face.  Pages 70 and 71 has a treat holder titled “Reindeer Treat Holder”. This follows in with one of my favorite things about Christmas “reindeer”. “Shank Button Wreath” on page 72.  I am not sure if you can ever find shank buttons anymore since I have gone looking for them in years.  On page 73 is “Bead & Bell Ornament” using a jingle bell and bead necklace. The next on is using the child hand print titled ”Handprint Reindeer” on pages 74 and 75. We are going to skip a way to pages 88 and 89 titled “Christmas Bell” again using napkin and a jingle bell. I like this one and so do a lot of children because it uses a wooden spoon. Also upcycling the wooden spoon from the ice cream store; however, now you can find the in any craft section in your local store. Pages 90 and 91 titled “Wooden Spoon Snowman” again another favorite Christmas theme.
We are almost finished with projects pages 92 and 93 titled” Hand and Foot Angel” two things here children like because the get to paint their feet and hand. I like the angel idea because again angels are one of my favorite things not only for Christmas but all times of the year. On pages 116 and 117 is “Mylar Tassel” which is another upcycle project. I am not sure individuals keep their Mylar balloons anymore because of the hilum shortage. You used to be able and go to the store and have them reflate the balloon. The last project is skipping to pages 146 and 147 titled “Button Tree Magnet” is you are a sewing or inherited a button box this is a great way to get rid of some of these buttons.

I hope you like the project I picked out of the wonderful book. I have gotten several more books like this one for each holiday that has an extremely a lot of project per book. Like 175 projects per book. I will try to pick less than 14 if I can also it depend on limit per blog I may have to do the book in two parts. Since, I have not posted this one  that may be why this one is in two sections.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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