Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

My dad always said we were Scottish; but, he did not understand why our last name was spelled the Irish way. Funny thing is I did marry and Irish man and it works. I just have to watch the Irish temper. I do not have to worry about the drinking part, either.
So, to those of Irish decent have a great day!!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

St. Patrick Day Projects for adults to make

I wish I had time to do holiday projects; unfortunately I am trying to do the projects that I have in my craft corner and not additional ones.  I have three bureau filled with stuff to make and some boxes. In addition, the boys wanted me to make some baby blankets for them; so, they would be able to give it to our future grandkids just in case.  With have terminal cancer you never know.
Handmade St. Patrick's Day T Shirt

Materials: Different green patterned fabric, Heat N Bond, scissors, t-shirt, and decorations.

To cut fabric into hearts and stem for shamrock then iron some Heat N Bond Iron on Adhesive onto the "wrong" side of the fabric. Cut and peel off the one side and then placed it on the t-shirt.  Iron to t-shirt.
Add some decorative stitches to the shamrock.

Option: Make set of placemats.
Chic Shamrock Hair Clip

Materials: 1/8 yard green satin, Gem or button for center, Clip or pin backing, Candle and lighter, Hot glue gun, Needle and thread, Pen, and Few inches of ribbon


Trace the pattern pieces onto the satin fabric different sizes, too.   There is no need to use a washable marking pen – a regular pen will work nicely.  Cut out the shamrock pieces. Snip a short slit into the leaves of each piece. Note: if you want a smaller clip, start with a lower number template piece (for example 4), if you want a larger clip use a higher number (like 6).

Singe the edges
This step should be done by an adult – and cautiously.  Light the candle.  Holding the edges of the shamrock pieces neat the flame – carefully singe the edges taking care not to light the fabric on fire or burn yourself.  Take your time with this step – you may want to try this on a practice piece before attempting it on your cutout shamrocks.
Nest the shamrocks into each other – depending on how you singed the edges you might need to take eliminate one of the pieces to make it fit properly.

Sew or glue together
Now that you have the pieces places how you like them sew a few stitches into the center or you can glue each piece to each other.  Sew the center and then glue the stem sections so it lies nicely.

Add bling
Cover up the stitches by gluing a jewel or button into the center of the shamrock
Add backing
Glue a clip or pin back in to the back of your shamrock.  You can cover part or the entire clip with ribbon using the glue gun.  Now you have a chic shamrock hair clip.

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