Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hanukkah Window Stars

Hi! Crafters!

The project is for adults to make for Hanukkah.  I think it is cool because you decorate your window.  This way one could feel like they are letting people know which holiday you celebrate in my opinion

Hanukkah Window Stars


Materials:  Vellum, in gold or blue; Micro-hole punch (for small star);    Needle and thread; screw punch (for large star); Large and Small Triangle Templates


Print small triangle template, and cut out. Trace twice onto vellum to make 2 triangles, and cut out. Place together to make Star of David. Punch a hole at each corner of central hexagon (as indicated on template), and 1 more halfway along hexagon's top side. Starting at top center, weave thread through holes all the way around design until back at the top. [See image 2 above.] Knot thread, and hang star in window.

Follow instructions above, printing large triangle template and using screw punch instead of micro-hole punch.

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