Friday, May 17, 2013

No Sewing Projects

Since my sewing machine broke and now here in Jacksonville for my stem cell transplant.   I have been looking for ideas for no sewing required and I found this one which I think would be prefect since summer.  Since it is coming soon and we will need our sunglasses.  Beside of us who wear glasses every day. The second states no sew but you need some hand sewing to keep it together.

No Sew Eyeglasses Case

Materials: Potholder, Fabritac (or other fabric glue), clothespins

You will need to undo the loop on the square potholder.  Then use the fabric glue to tack the loop down out of sight.  Now glue down the top and side.  Now, use clothespins to secure the potholder while it is drying.

No Sew Ruffled Summer Top

Materials:  0ne tank top and one blouse, sewing pins, scissors, matching thread and sewing needle, and scissors

Removed the sleeves on the blouse and bunched up the fabric at intervals of about an inch or two and safety-pinned the fabric to the collar of the shirt - one sleeve for the front and the second sleeve for the back and then tucked the raw ends and the cuffs under.  To make this permanent, simply hand-stitch the gathers to the shirt and remove the pins.

DIY No Sew Pillows

Materials:  Fabric, pillow foam, binder or 'Steam-A-Seam', Hem tape or double stick tape

Cut fabric one to two inches bigger than the pillow foam you are using.  Lay a strip of tape along one edge and iron trim down over tape.  Place another strip of tape over the ironed-on trim.  Lay fabric lace down, align and iron into place.
Repeat this on 3 of the sides.  Allowing time for the tape to cool and then turn the fabric right side out and insert pillow foam.  Tack corners and make some more!
If you want to do sewing you could pipe the sides.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at stipple@verizon.netI look forward to hearing from you!

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