Friday, December 23, 2016

Star of David Door Hanger

Hi! Crafters!

I like this one because it can be give as a gift to family member; because, you put the child’s picture in the middle. Beside since you need eight present this could be one of them if I remember correctly.

Star of David Door Hanger


Materials: 1 Sheet of white card stock, paint or roller paint, pencil, ribbon, sequence, tape, glitter pens  or regular glitter, hole puncher, contact paper & scissors.


Trace out a Star of David.

Paint it with blue and let dry.

Cut out a piece of contact paper about a rectangular size since you will be folding it over make sure it will be big enough to cover the center of the star (folded).

Add glitter and sequence to the contact paper and fold over in half when done, making sure there is no exposed sticky areas. Just so you know, the glitter pens leave a little glue film when dried, so if you want it clearer, you should use regular glitter.

Cut out the center of the star and attach the glittered contact paper part with tape.

Punch a hole at the top and put a string through it to hang it up.

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