Thursday, December 8, 2016

Another Santa Ornament

Hi! Crafters!

Here is another Santa Ornament but this time it is honoring the old TV series “Tool Time”. The reason an individual uses electrical tape.
Another Santa Ornament


Materials:  old red ornaments, black electrical tape, silver tape used to seal up duct work, scissors, and jumbo chenille stem...or you could use cotton balls or quilt batting


With the duct tape cut a rectangle. Fold it in half, snip the center square out and then unfold again.  To make Santa's belt, cut the electrical tape in half-length wise.  Wrap it around the "belly" of the ornament.  Cut your chenille stem and form a donuts. Hot glued the ends to secure and then glued it to the top of the ornament. 

Now peel the backing off the silver buckle and place over the black belt.    

The donuts hole of the white fur still exposes the ornament hook. 

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