Saturday, December 8, 2012


Teach kids all about the traditions of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, with these easy projects.

Wooden Block Menorah

Kids will love helping build this modern menorah made with wooden blocks, cheery paint colors, and shiny candleholders.

Materials:  White and yellow gouache, 2 makeup sponges, 19 wooden cubes, Wood glue, Masking tape, 9 small Phillips screws, 9 cake-decorating piping tips, size 8, and screwdriver

Mix white gouache with a few drops of water. Using 1 sponge, paint 10 cubes. Repeat with yellow gouache, painting 9 cubes. Let dry for 20 minutes. 
Glue each yellow cube to a white cube. For ninth candle, glue 2 white cubes to a yellow one. Wrap with tape to stabilize. Let dry for 30 minutes. 
Use 1 screw to prick a hole in center of 1 top cube. Place piping tip over hole. Thread screw through tip into cube. Repeat. 
Tip: Gouache (opaque watercolor paint) provides the best finish.

How to Make a Hand print Hanukkah Menorah

Materials:  Paints – Blue and Orange and Paper


Paint both your child’s hands.  Put your child’s hands, palms down, on paper with thumbs touching. 

Put orange paint on your finger and put a fingerprint over each candle.  Both the thumbs in the center are to be only one candle.


 How to Make Hanukkah Decorations Star Ornaments 

Materials:  Popsicle sticks, Craft glue, Blue and silver glitter glue ( acrylic glitter glue is better), and some thread


Glue the ends of 3 sticks to form a triangle. 

Add a 4th and 5th stick as shown

 Glue the 6th stick as shown.

Glue the 6th stick as shown.

Use glitter glue to decorate the star. Allow it to dry.
Tie a thread through the top.  Now hang the star wherever you like.

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