Thursday, December 15, 2016

Drinking Straw Ornaments

Hi! Crafters!

The next two blog will be using straws.  The one reason I choose this item is when you go to a fast food place you always grab more straws then you need because something always happen to the straws. Either you lose a straw or they get wet or something else.  I do not know if you have a lot of straws, spoons, or utensil in one shelf of your cabinet.  When the kids were young we had so many spoons, I dipped the spoons in chocolate and wrap then in plastic and gave them out as treats for Christmas. This is when you did not have so many restrictions.

Drinking Straw Ornaments


Materials:  STYROFOAM* Brand Products:  2" ball

Other Materials:  20 drinking straws, Scissors, Thick, white craft glue, large wire hook for hanging, 12" coordinating curling ribbon


Cut the straws into 1 1/2" pieces.

Pour a small amount of glue onto wax paper, cardboard or other disposable surface.

Dip the end of each straw into the glue and insert straight into the ball, about 1/8" deep. Cover the ball evenly with straws spaced about 1/2" apart. Let dry.

If necessary, trim straws, cutting off ends that protrude farther than the rest.

Tie a bow around the hook; curl ends. Dip end of hook into glue and insert in ball.

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