Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Crochet Therapy book review

Hi! Crafters!

I thought this book was going to explain why crocheting is used for therapy; because, when the nurse at the oncology office first takes my blood pressure it is very high. After I sit and crochet awhile waiting for the doctor, they do it again and my pressure drops 20 to 40 points. I have noticed also if my sugar count is high and I crochet it gets lower, too.

Let me get back to the book titled “Crochet Therapy” by Betsan Corkhill published by Great Britain Apple Press in 2016. In my personal option this book is an advance crocheting book because the crocheting stitches are discussed in the last chapter.

There are three Chapters but no titles of what the chapters are about just what is discussed in each chapter.  Chapter one discuss crocheting as therapy with nurture your creative mind and myths about mindfulness. Chapter two is projects however the project are Yoga mat, calming mandalas, no stress balls, sleep tight eye mask, wake up happy washcloths meditation Seat pillow and comforting pillow to name a few. The last chapter is Techniques which is what stitches are used in what projects.

I really wanted more on why crocheting is therapeutic.

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