Thursday, December 22, 2016

Spinning tops From Plastic Bottle Caps Hanukkah

Hi! Crafters!

This project is a great upcycle one; because, coke caps are used.   I always have soda caps; because, I collect them for the coke rewards and then throw them in the trash; so, this would be a great way to upcycle them.
Note: Part of this will need adult help to put a hole in the cap.

Spinning tops From Plastic Bottle Caps


Materials: plastic bottle caps: either from regular soda bottles, wide mouthed juice bottles, or bottles like vinegar bottles; toothpicks or wooden skewers; a thick needle or sharp item, such as a hat pin or those metal things you use to hold poultry together for roasting (employed by an adult only); colorful electrical tape (optional); quick drying glue (optional


Make a hole exactly in the middle of the bottle cap. Some caps have a small bump there, if not eyeball it. A hole not in the center will result in a imbalanced top.

Enlarge hole if necessary by moving needle around while still in the hole.

Insert tooth pick or skewer through hole, trim second side of toothpick (dangerous) or shorten skewer.

Secure toothpick with a few dabs of glue, though usually not necessary, and decorate with small pieces of electric tape.

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