Sunday, December 11, 2016

Salt dough projects

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The next few blog are about making different kinds of dough to make Christmas ornaments. The first on is salt dough ornaments. I first got one from a craft fair 7 years ago and still the same as when I purchased it. You can be as creative as you like or simple. They make great Christmas gifts. Depending on the child they can even make one; because, you can use an old fashion cookie cutter not the ones with imprinted the outline areas on them.

There is a book you can use.  I learn about how to make them when I was a teacher.  The title of the book is “Step by Step Crafts from Salt Dough” by Audrey Gessat.  The book was published in 2003 by Bridgestone Books. 
It is part of a series of Step by Step craft books.

Salt Dough Recipe


Materials:  bowl, measuring cups, cookie cutters, cookie sheet or aluminum pie pan, oven, wooden spatula or spoon, rolling pin, paint brush
acrylic paint, tacky glue or super glue, string or ribbon, varnish, clear acrylic, butter knife, toothpick

¾ cup flour
2/3 cup salt
¾ cup cornstarch
2/3 cup water

Mix flour, salt, and cornstarch in bowl.  Add water.

Tip: Cornstarch gives the dough a better consistency.  If you do not have any cornstarch, you can add more flour.

Knead the dough until you get a ball. An individual can cut and put the part one is not using into plastic bag or plastic wrap so it does not dry out. If the part does dry out you can add a fingertip of water and increase a little at a time.

Roll out on floured surface about to 3/8 inch thick. Some individuals say ½ see what works for you. Then here is where you can be a little creative.   

Take a cookie cutter and make let you do cookies.  Place done cut out on a cookie sheet or aluminum pie pan.
Tip: If you want to roll out piece to connect two pieces wet the area of contact with a paint brush dipped in water.  You can also use the wet paint brush tip smooth area where the pieces meet. 

FYI:  Make sure to take a tooth pick to make the whole; so, the ornament can be hung.

Note:  Children need supervision for the oven part. 

Preheat oven at 325 degrees.

Cook ornaments for 1 hour. You can room dry for 24 hours instead.

Paint with acrylic paint. Let dry 2 hours.

After cooked or dry. It is time to paint. Again, time to be creative. You can add embellishments with tacky glue or super glue.

Tip:  If the breaks you can use super glue to reconnect it.
Vanish to preserve you work.  Let the vanish dry per instruction on can.

Cut string or ribbon to 18 inches and string through the whole you made earlier to hang ornament.

Now time to hang on your tree or wrap as a gift.

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Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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