Monday, December 19, 2016

Crochet Star of David Trivet

Hi! Crafters!

This is crocheted from old T-shirts. I wish I had the pattern when my children were young I could have make this project. I have made 4 t-shirt blankets from my children, my husband, and myself.  I have one more for my youngest son high school and college years already cut but needs to be sewn. Maybe if I have some left over I can do this?

Crochet Star of David Trivet


Materials:  N crochet hook, commercial t-shirt yarn, 1 skein will make 3-4 star trivets

Note: the trivets should be made with t-shirt yarn that is of the thicker variety which also tends to be a higher percentage of cotton. The silky smooth and very stretchy t-shirt yarn that seems to be made from polyester isn't really thick enough for the best results.


Form a ring by making a magic circle  You needn't secure the circle with a 
stitch, you'll do that in Round 1.

Round 1: 11 sc in ring, finish with 1 sl st in first sc.

Round 2: ch 3, * 1 dc in same sc, ch 6, 1 dc in next sc *, repeat 5 times, 1 dc in next sc, ch 6, finish with 1 sl st in 3rd ch from beg of round = 6 ch spaces.

Round 3: ch 1, * 1 sc between the next 2 dc, 4 sc in ch space, ch 3, 1 sc in 3rd ch from hook, 4 sc in ch space *, repeat from *-* a total of 6 times, 

Finish with 1 sl st in ch from beg of round.

Fasten off. Because t-shirt yarn is thick, pulling the yarn through the last loop and making a knot is not desirable, instead pull end up through last stitch, and then weave in end.

Note:  I have done this one so hopefully the directions are Ok and easy to follow.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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