Saturday, December 3, 2016

Angry Bird and Pigs Ornaments

Hi! Crafters!

Here are two ornaments for your tree or to give as a gift this holiday season.  Since the angry bird movie was popular this year I thought kids would love getting one. I included the pig to give a different choice in case someone does not like the angry bird.

Angry Bird and Pigs Ornaments


Materials:  Plastic ornaments, green ornaments if you can find them at the dollar store; acrylic paint – white, black, green, and orange; paint brush; red and white felt; scissors; needle and thread; wire to hang

You will paint your birds in three steps -- first white, then orange, then black. Allow the paint to dry between colors. As seen below:

You will do the same for the pigs. As seen below:


(Side note: Look how perfect the top of the ornament would be for a king pig -- just pop it off and turn it upside down!)

Cut scraps of felt, as shown below, to create their hats. Don't stress about this -- just wing it! You don't need a pattern!

Do a quick running stitch to attach the white trim. (I used red thread so you can see my stitches.) Tie a knot, but don't cut your thread yet.

Whipstitch the sides of the hat together. It doesn't have to be pretty -- these stitches will be (mostly) hidden. Knot and clip your thread.
Take a running stitch all the way around your small circle. You will then place a small scrap of felt in the center and pull the stitches tight, creating a little ball.

**If you have small pompoms on hand, use them instead!**
Attach the ball to the end of the hat and knot and clip your thread. Then fold the end of the hat down. Take a few stitches to hold the fold in place, as shown.

Loop an ornament hanger through the top of your ornament.

Thread the hat onto the ornament hook, poking the wire through the top of the hat, and curve the wire. You're ready to hang your cute Angry Bird on your tree!
The garland ornaments don't have a hole in the top, so you just have to remove the top and hook an ornament hanger underneath, twisting it together at the top. Then pop it back on your ornament and place the hat on.

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