Friday, December 9, 2016

For Kids to make Puzzle Piece Santa Hat Ornament

Hi! Crafters!

Here is a Santa ornament done with upcycle puzzle pieces.  When the boys were small we had a lot of puzzles missing pieces and the same thing happen when I taught pieces would come up missing. So this is a project that uses up all those left over pieces.

Puzzle Piece Santa Hat Ornament


Materials:  Old Puzzle Pieces, Acrylic Paint, Craft Glue, Ribbon (left over), Jingle Bell, Paint Brush, Scissors, Clear Acrylic Spray


Start off by painting your puzzle pieces. For my Santa hat, paint several red and white puzzle pieces. Let the paint dry.

The red puzzle pieces will form the first layer of the Santa hat. Lay them out how you want them on your work surface.

Use the picture here as a guideline and glue the white puzzle pieces on top of the red puzzle pieces to form the brim and ball on the hat. Be generous with the glue. Once the glue is dry, flip your Santa hat over and add more glue where the pieces join together just to make it a little stronger. Once all of the glue is dry, you can give your ornament a protective coating using clear acrylic spray if you desire.

Now you should cut a piece of ribbon about 8- to 10-inches long.

Take your piece of ribbon, fold it in half, and glue the ends to the top back of your Santa hat. This will be your loop for hanging the ornament.

For a finishing touch to my Santa hat, use a piece of ribbon to make a bow and added a jingle bell. Feel free to use whatever you want to embellish your Santa hat. Once all of the glue is dry, hang up your ornament.

The children will love giving them out as gifts!

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