Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentines Projects for kids to make

Ok, here are so messy projects for kids to make. Some use the kids own hands!!!

Valentine's Day Hand print Cards

Materials: Blank note cards and envelope, Glue, Glitter, Contrasting color, paper tray or paper plate: one for glittering, one for gluing, paint brush, Scissors

Squeeze glue in a paper plate. With your hand or paint brush, swirl this, as necessary, for even application. Gently press your hand into the glue and quickly make a hand print impression on the center of the note card. Shake glitter over the glue impression and shake off the excess. Now, cut a heart in the contrasting paper, which will be the size of the center of your hand. Make a long strip of paper that is smaller than the heart and accordion fold this paper strip, leaving a nice sized beginning and end because this will be necessary for attaching. Apply glue to the top of the strip and attach the heart to one end. Now, apply glue to the opposite end, of the accordion folded strip, and paste into center of the hand. Let dry.

Valentine Handprint Art Tree

Materials: Pink construction paper, scissors, glue, blue and green cardstock, brown sheet cardstock

Make several paper hearts out of pink construction paper. Cut thin strips along the pink construction paper, ending up with 19.  Put the strips together and cut off about 2 1/2" from the length of the strips. Connect the ends together with a staple and folded a crease to make a heart.
To make the background for the tree, cut a strip of green cardstock paper for grass and glued it to the bottom of a blue sheet of cardstock paper. Trace the child’s hand and part of their arm on a brown sheet of cardstock paper, cut it out and glued it on the blue cardstock paper.
Arrange the hearts all over the tree where we wanted to glue them on.
To glue the hearts on, you will need a small paper plate. Pour a generous amount of school glue in the center of the plate, dip the heart into the glue (making sure that glue gets all over the bottom the heart) and then place it on your tree. 

Glittery Toilet Paper Roll Heart Prints

Materials:  12-inch x 12-inch pink cardstock paper, scissors, 2 cardboard rolls, small paper plates (1 per color of paint you use),    acrylic paints, glitter

Cut a large pink heart out of a 12" x 12" sheet of cardstock paper for your canvas. 
Bend your cardboard rolls into heart shapes. Cut the toilet paper rolls in half before forming them just to get more use out of each toilet paper roll.
Set up your stamping with our paints on small paper plates. You can also foil a cookie sheet and put plates on this to reduce clean up.
Use the stamps to print as many hearts as you want all over the heart canvas.
While the paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter all over your hearts to make them sparkle. Pour the excess glitter in the garbage and let your artwork dry completely.

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