Friday, March 31, 2017

Very sick with allergies

Hi! Crafters!

I am sorry I haven’t posted anything. Unfortunately, I have been extremely sick with allergies; the Texas wind has been blowing all kinds of stuff. Four out of the five high things I am allergic too. I cannot hear out of my ears at all. I have been lucky because I learn as a kid to lip read.  It been hard to lip read the TV especially, what the guys like to watch. Sport Center is the worst. They shot the host people from a distant; so, I cannot see what they are saying.

We have gotten three different types of medicine from my doctor and none have worked.  This last group just put me to sleep.

Thank goodness the printer went out before all this started; so, I was able to replace it.  Scott did not have any papers due and was on Spring Break and teachers were going to the week long Criminology conference they have in March. 

I have a group of hats and angels that I crochet which I have to tuck in ends and put my labels on them.  This is the only thing I can do.  I tried to watch some videos; but without directions it was hard not being able to hear what they were saying besides the closed caption was not working.

Yesterday, one of my husband’s writing friends has a wife named Carole who knits and crochets.  They are spring cleaning and downsizing; so, they brought me and incredible amount of stuff. In addition, a small suit case; five garbage bags full of all kind of different yarns.  Besides, two bags of books and magazines. Craft bags which had with needles and containers. This was so awesome!!   

The doctor’s office will be extremely happy with me making items for fellow cancer patients, It makes me very happy to see one of the patients wearing my hat or see them with one of my walker caddies. I met one on March 16th and she was very thankful to meet me. She thought the walker caddy came from an outside vendor. She was very surprised a patient did it.

I do not know what I can get posted or done for Easter projects with this sickness. But I went through some of the magazine and found some information which would be helpful to beginner crocheters. Hopefully, I can get them set up to run after Easter.
Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Sandi, so sorry to learn your allergies are so bad. This is a difficult time of year for people with allergies because of the oak, hackberry, and cedar blooming. One morning everything in our yard was covered by yellow pollen. Now we have what we call "oak worms" all over our yard. I love this time of year--but not the pollen! Hope you feel better soon.