Friday, May 10, 2013

My room with and interesting view at Mayo

Tuesday, I went into the hospital to start the stem cell process; which start off with chemo.  The chemo are called negative days like (-6). Then when you hit day 0 you get the stem cells injected.  They will be using my own that they withdrawn.  After that it is Positive days

So to get back to the view.  Since they are adding to the South tower they are using the helipad as storage for the construction. 

When I have sat on the couch in the room have since the crane with the dunpter pass the window.  The first time it scared me because it can so close.

They moved the helipad to the parking lot.  It looks cool at night; because, they used blue light instead of the red flashing ones.

Now for the best views!
Water/lake/pond view....

Another view.


I hope you enjoyed the above pictures.

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