Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Restarting Blog


It has been an extremely long time that I posted on my blog. Let me explain why. If you do not know I have Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Part of all that is that it is very hard for me to type or use my hands. The chemo I get causes neuropathy in addition to having extreme low energy. After the chemo was done back in May, they realized a tumor in my spine along my tail bone was not responding to the chemo. So, I spent almost all of July enduring 25 sessions of being radiated. Now, it is waiting time to see if the radiation worked. I have a break.

These days with no chemo, blood transfusions, or any of the many other things they pump into me I feel a bit better than normal. Some of my energy is back and I can eat again without getting sick. Both of which are good things!

Now, for the more interesting news!

Last year my oldest son, Karl got married. He and his wife, Amy are expecting their first baby currently scheduled to arrive the first week of February. It is a boy. So, I am going to be a grandma!

Also, my son, Scott will be graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in December from The University Of Texas at Dallas in December. He just took his GRE. Now he waits to find out from the University as to whether or not he can start his Masters Degree in Criminology in January.

While I can do things, I will be blogging again. So, stay tuned as things continue…

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  1. Good news all, Sandi! Thanks for being back in touch. Wishing you the best, as ever. R.