Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thinking about spring: Project for kids

Since, we have sixty degree weather here it makes me think about spring. I cannot wait until it get high sixty to seventy; so, I can sit on my porch and watch the  duck, egrets, blue heron, turtles, etc.

Easiest Butterfly Craft

Materials: 2 Cupcake liners, Clothespin, Glue, Glitter, String/yarn

Start by opening up 2 cupcake liners and fold them in half. Then fold them again and glue them together so it looks like a bow tie.
Clip the clothespin over the cupcake liners and add a strip of glue on top. Sprinkle on some pretty glitter and add some string for the antennas if you want to.
Option: Paint the clothespin with acrylic paint and let dry before you clip the clothespin over the cupcake liners.

Rainbow Wind Spiral

Materials: 200 colored craft sticks with a hole drilled in the center of each, Dental floss (or another sort of thread that is thick and durable), a large needle, 5 large beads

Drill a hole (big enough to thread the floss through it) located in the center of each craft stick.

Hint:  measured one craft stick to find the center and then used it as a template for the other 199 sticks which were drilled in batches together.

Thread a long length of dental floss through one large bead and position the bead so that it is in the middle of the dental floss.
Bring the two ends of the dental floss together and thread them through the needle so that the thread is now two ply thick.
Thread the paddle pop sticks onto the thread by pushing the needle through the holes previously drilled in the center of the sticks. You could do it in any color combination that you wanted. Pictured shows threaded 10 sticks of each color before moving to the next color.
Once all the craft sticks have been threaded on, thread on the last of the beads. Use 4 or you could use as many as you want.

Hint: the more beads it helps weigh down the top craft sticks. The craft sticks at the bottom of the mobile are held secure by the weight of the sticks above them.
Tie the threads together and hang up your rainbow wind mobile up.
Rearrange the craft sticks so they form a twisting pattern. Enjoy the gentle motion of your mobile as it twists and turns in the breeze.

Recycle Bin Sunny Day

Materials: blue cardstock paper, bottle caps (we used milk caps),    colored cardstock paper (brown and green), blue marker, 2 small paper plates, school glue, Yellow pom-pom, Pringles lid

Optional: glitter glue    

Squeeze some school glue onto one of your paper plates. Dip your bottle cap into the glue.
Use the milk caps for the flower petals and a large yellow pom-pom for the center of the flower. The sun is made out of a Pringles lid. Cut a yellow circle that would fit inside the lid and glued it inside of it. The sun rays are strips of yellow paper and the flower stem, leaves and grass are cut out of green paper. Cut and frayed the strips of green paper for the grass before gluing them down. Use the blue marker for the Q on petals or squeeze blue paint. (Like used on t-shirts).
Option: Place glitter glue gave it some pizazz.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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