Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rudolph Melted Crayon Antlers/picture

Hi! Crafters!

Christmas craft for children to do; which I think they will like because they us crayons in a different way. I am going to inform you here that later a hot glue gun and a hair dryer is involved so adult supervision maybe needed.

Rudolph Melted Crayon Antlers
(It says the above but is really a picture of a reindeer on canvas.)


Materials: canvas, hot glue gun, hair dryer, brown crayons, brown foam cut out of Rudolph's head, googly eyes, and a big red pom-pom

FYI:  Since it states hot glue gun I would advise adult supervision or adults do the hot glue part!

Hot glued the items to the canvas; see below:


FYI: Again, since it states the use of a hair dryer I would advise adult supervision or adult be the one to help to this part! This depends on the age of child and if the know how to use one.

Turn Rudolph upside down.  Over a tray, take the hair dryer on hot work making Butterfly with the crayon tips.  Move the canvas around to control the flow of wax.

You can add some Christmas decorations for Rudolph, including jingle bells.

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