Friday, November 25, 2016

Health UPDATE!

Since yesterday everyone was busy I did post this but here is my news. It is sadly yet happy!

Five years ago nine doctors surround my hospital bed and They told my husband and I that I had cancer. They told us that I did not have the blood markers; but, the fluid in my stomach and lungs which they drained was a match and I had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 4that I was terminal.

The happy news is I have one tumor left and it is shrinking. Next week they will get me the IVIG so keep my blood count up and help me fight this tumor which is an odd shape which look like it is going away.
The sad news and happy news is we still need help us and to celebrate my 5 years. I am asking my 165 friend and family on Facebook and my husband’s 811 Facebook family and friends to donate at least $5.00 to my Go Fund Me Account to celebrate that I am still alive. I know there is 61 Mutual family and friends so I know there is an overlap, I do not expect you to give more only if you can, especially during this holiday season. I also know they take a percentage of the donation; but, every dollar helps. We really appreciate the help in paying the doctor the last installment of $265.00 for 2016. We will see what next year’s installment will be; because, it will be what we didn’t pay off for 2015 and 2016; since we are a year behind,

Extremely great news:

I am looking forward to celebrating my youngest son, Scott Tipple, Graduate from college in mid-December. He knows with both our health situation we could sit through the celebration. So, his only request is a graduation ring and frame for his diploma. He knows the doctor bill

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