Friday, November 18, 2016

The Spirit of Christmas Book

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Each Year when we were first married and then the first boy came along I would purchase or through the library; so, when I saw this one at the library I had to check it out.  The book is a Leisure Art Presentation from 2003.   The book has recipes and crafts to make for family, friends, etc.


The book is broken into three sections Sights of Christmas, Sharing of Christmas and Tastes of Christmas. Normally I would go to the Tastes of Christmas first because my mom’s recipes we lost when she moved and the family member who moved her said there was no cook book with recipes. I know this is untrue; she had a book from the 1930’s she used to use and my dad would use it, too.  

In addition, I been watching Food Network and have been impressed on how many people refer to their grandma recipes they know how to make from memory. My grandma never cooked., My grandfather did but did not make desserts. My mom worked in the bakery at the grocery store and we would come home all most every day with a new cookie or treat in the huge Cookie jar she owned.

So, I started looking for sugar cookie and ginger cookie in the book on page 36 Grandma’s Classic Sugar Cookies. The recipe looks really easy. Picture looks delicious, too.  One recipe down,  number two to go. No luck.

However, there was several other interesting recipes like White Chocolate Macadamia muffins, Mini Apricot Pecan Loaves, Miniature Cinnamon Loaves, Chocolate Cake Roll, Fudge Frosting, and Double-Nut Butterscotch Fudge. It was interesting to find a non-dessert item in this section for Ham and Potato Casserole.

Most of the Sharing items where food gifts.

The “Sight” section of the book had trees, wreaths, and table settings projects

On pages 190 to 191 the book gives projects and page of items to make. They are a mixture of gifts and home décor to do for the Christmas Holiday.  Pages 138 to 179 had Projects and Patterns to make for the holiday.

Unfortunately, they only had one project that a child would like to make.

Most projects seem complicated in 2003 version of this book.

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