Friday, November 25, 2016

Crochet Fashions in Motion DVD

Hi! Crafters!
I will tell you I am not a person who has time to crochet clothes.  Besides I live in a house full of guys; so, the guys are not into fashion.
This DVD showed hats, scarf, and gloves which I make all the time and always looking for different styles’ besides stating I would review this DVD in a previous blog.  “Crochet Fashions in Motion” DVD published by Leisure Arts, 2006.


I was very disappointed with this DVD. First reason is they showed seven projects. They were Barrel Bag, Sarong, Cropped cardigan, Cloche and woven scarf, Flower Trimmed cape let and Fingerless Gloves. Second it was very confusing to move around the video.  There was two ways to move around which I had to listen to the video three times to get how to do that.

The Fashion show had different options that was not explained how you would do them. Besides the items did not match direction that came with the video.

Let me explain about the directions that came with the video. The direction has 12 pattern stitch instructions which were NOT on the DVD.  Several we would have like to see performed in the stitch along section. Here two examples, the “Fan Trellis” and the “Long Single Crochet Bricks”. There were directions on how to do a Granny Square but no project that used that pattern stitch in any of the projects.

The section with the projects had projects that were not on the DVD. The follows were titled “Stroller Blanket”, “Kerchief”, and “Placemat & Dishcloth”. I can only guess that the project on the directions called “Mobius Wrap” was some version of the “Sarong” project on the DVD.

I would have like the directions for the “Fingerless Gloves” shown on the DVD, An individual would have to go scene by scene and write down the missing directions.  The video had instructions to each row performed by the instructor. If one could keep from falling asleep from her monotone voice.

I am very surprised this Leisure Art DVD was so terrible and directions were bad.

I got another DVD about crocheting and after I discovered the directions were the exact as the DVD I blogged about the other day and had the same projects.  I decided to not waste my time with it. The DVD title was “I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting Cables, Bobbles, & Lace in Motion”.  This DVD was also published by Leisure Arts, 2009.

I was glad I got these two DVD free from the library.  It makes we want to contact Leisure Arts and express my Dislike, etc., about this DVDs.  Specially, when I am a person who learns best by sight.

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