Monday, November 28, 2016

Angel Projects for children to make

Hi! Crafters!

This project seems to be one for a child who is in middle school or higher in my opinion.

Feathery Angel Ornament


Materials: 20mm wooden beads. (Be sure to buy ones with 2 holes in them), white feathers - short ones or medium (about 6 inches) ones, Silver pipe cleaners cut into 2.5 inch pieces, String for the hanger,  silver crochet thread, Paint Pens, Fine black marker, Pink Crayon, 10 inch piece of pipe cleaner (any color) folded in half, Glue (glue gun or strong craft glue)


To paint the face and hair

Put the folded end of your 10 inch pipe cleaner into the hole of a wooden bead. Hold onto the pipe cleaners while you create the angel's face.

Create the angel's face. Use paint pen for the hair, a fine marker for the face, and pink crayon for the cheeks.

Letting the head dry

Let your angel face dry. You can set it in a jar or glass.

Bend silver pipe cleaner into a circle. Glue it onto your angel's head for a halo.

Squirt glue into the bottom hole of your angel's head. Place two feathers in the hole with the glue.

Take 7 inches of string, fold it in half and knot it. This will be the hanger for your ornament.

Squirt glue into the hole on top of your angel's head being careful of the halo.

With a pin push the knot of your hanger into the glue filled hole.
Let dry!

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