Sunday, March 3, 2013

Round 1 Chemo treatment!

Well, I am back from my first round of the new Chemo treatment.  Stayed in the hospital for 5 days. This will happen every 21 days; because of the "RICE".   One drug runs 24 hours and one drug on the 2nd day goes every 6 hours which takes 1 hour to going the veins.  Even though I have a port since 3 drugs go in at one point; they have to put a pic line for the other 2 drugs.

You can see pictures on my husband blog.

As I stated before he is the writer not me.  Crafted and teaching.

They nurses did love the Chemo hats I was making in the hospital.  They want me to make some for them; however, I am running out of yarn.  I only have Christmas colors and that will not work.  I made 10 hats which I will post in the near future. Still have to take things slow.

I did have some same reactions to this Chemo as before like vision, nausea, and itching.  Thank goodness no vomiting; so far.  They say I will lose my hair again; but, that took 3 treatments before.  As you have seen on  Kevin's previous blog post on my first chemo treatment, I really do not look bad without hair. Now, I just look like a mind science or if I stuck my finger into a light switch.  As this point, no need to cut it.

Getting tired; so, this is it for me right now.  Hopefully, will post more after a while.  Unfortunately, with chemo brain spelling is difficult.

Well for now!

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  1. Hi Sandy,

    I bought one of your lovely scarf/hats a while back and I am sitting here on my sailboat anchored out on a river in Florida. It's cold and I'm wearing your hood/scarf tonight to honor you and your courage. We mystery writers write about imaginary heroes and heroines who get beat up and just keep on getting up. But you're the real thing.

    My thoughts are with you,