Saturday, November 26, 2016

One-Hour Christmas Crafts Book

Hi! Crafters!

This is another book from the Clever Crafts series.  This book is titled “One-Hour Christmas Crafts” and published by Leisure Arts in 1998.  There are three sections in the book.  The first is “One-Hour Gifts”, second is One-Hour Decorations" and the last is “One-Hour Tree Trimming”.  


In the third sections there are a lot of ornament projects to make with glass ornaments and acrylic paint.  In addition there were a lot of projects children could do.  “In the “one-Hour Gifts” I thought on pages 21 and 23 were great easy projects children could make as gifts for relatives and educators. On 21 you make painted cork coasters buy choosing a design and painted on the cork and my thought was to use a sealant with adult supervisor so the picture would last. Page 23 had a plastic mug a child could color and then insert in the lining of the mug.  I also cross stitch designs for dad and mom during their holiday; but, grandparents would love a hand colored mug.

Some items in the second section “One-Hour Decorating” an individual would also be given as a gift like a baby’s first stocking, A Santa basket, Handprint Wall Hanging, and Kitchen towel are just a few ideas.
At the end of the books there is a great pattern section to copy project from the book.

The last project which I have always want to do was on page 9 “Dazzling Decopaged Plates” using Christmas Cards which an individual could save their Cards from people they get and make them into gifts to the people who sent the card as a gift the following year or the present year depending how soon you got the card.

This book has a lot of great easy projects to make and share.

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