Saturday, November 19, 2016

Christmas Gifts UNDER $10 book

Hi! Crafters!

Again, I am reviewing another book I got from my trip to the library about
five days ago. Again, this is a book series “Clever Crafter”.   I have gotten other books before not only for Christmas but other holidays.

The title of the book is “Christmas Gifts UNDER $10”. This is again published by Leisure Arts, in 1977.


There are four sections to this book.  Section one is about “Gifts for All”, section two is “The More The Merrier”, section three “Festive Flair” and section four “Creative Christmas Kitchen“. I guess you would say I like book published by Leisure Art?

I am just going to pick out some projects I like and thought would be ones individuals would be interested in.  The first ones would be easy to do and children could do with adult supervision.

The first one is on page 89 Spoon Santa sacks; it is really making Santa spoons attached to sack filled with Muffin. They used Lemon-Date Muffin Mix; but, I would not do a muffin mix I would make muffins and fill the sacks. What the project is Santa’s on wooden spoons. The book has a Transfer pattern on page 124 for the faces you paint on the spoons.  I like this because you can pick up wooden spoons for cheap at the dollar store and would be a great idea to have the Brownies or Girl Scout to do for a project and they could donate the project to the family or abused shelter as a Christmas treat.

The second project on page 81 titled “Spiced-Up Mugs”. This would make great gifts for them to give relatives or educators. You get a ceramic mugs and with Deco Art  Ultra Gloss paint and on page 124 has .transfer patterns as ideas to paint in the mugs like trees, house, Santa. They filled the Mug with homemade Cinnamon Candied Spoons; but, I think if you got plastic treat bags and filled it with candy individuals would also enjoy the candy treat.

There are several cross stitch patterns in the book with project; but, I copied the pictures to use on plastic coasters and cross stitch ornaments in frames to hang on Christmas tree.  I have done both projects.   They made great gifts. You might Crossed stitch the patterns in stockings, too. Which they did “Playful Pet Stockings” on page 96.Pages 81 to 53 the project was making cross stitch kids or adult sock with “Christmas Cuff”. Basically you make the cuff on the stocking with a Christmas picture.

As most of you know I do a lot of crocheting projects will they had three different one I would like to do. The first one is on page 17 titled “Pretty Poinsettia Coasters”. The coasters are made with plastic canvas shapes.  
The second one is on page 50 titled “Clothespin Angels” which again one could go to the Dollar store and get the wooden craft clothespins. The last one you need some time and could just make one item and not both starts on page 73 to make Crocheted Hat and Mittens.

On pages 76 and 79 are projects you could paint with fabric pain. I have made sneakers with fabric paint and vest/sweatshirt when the kids were little and I had my craft booth.

I hope you explore these projects in this book which I got from my library system.  If you library has an inter library loan system do not be afraid to use it to get this great book.

Thank you, Enjoy! 

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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