Monday, December 29, 2014

Greeting card projects

I do not like to throw out the beautiful cards we get at Christmas; so, below are some idea to upcycle them.  One can always send them to St. Jude for some project them make out of them.

How to Make a Box Out of a Card

Materials: Greeting Card (See note below), Pen or Pencil, Cellophane Tape, Ruler, Scissors


Both Square and rectangular greeting cards can be used for this box!

Start off by cutting the card in half. This is done easily by cutting the back off of the card along the fold. You should then have two pieces of equal size.

Cut just a sliver off of of each edge of the back of the card. You will want the back about 1/8" to 1/4" small than the front.

Lay both the front and the back of the greeting card on your table with the side that was the inside of the greeting card facing up.
Line up the ruler along one of the short edges and mark the card 3/4" from each corner. Repeat this on the other short side.
Now line up the ruler along one of the long edges, mark the card 3/4" from each corner, and then make another mark 3/4" in from there. Repeat this for the other long side.
Use the picture as a guide to draw lines on each of your greeting card pieces.
Using a ruler and pen, you connect each of marks you made on the short edges of the card.
Note that the marks you made 3/4" from the corner on the long side of the card are not connected. Line up a ruler along those marks and draw a line from one line to another, not going all of the way to the edge of the card.
Finally, use the ruler to connect the second marks you made on each of the long edges.
Use the scissors to cut on each line you draw on the short edge. Only cut up as far as the intersecting line which should be about 1 1/2" from the edge.

Start off by making two folds along the side with the two lines you drew. First fold in the edge on the first line you drew, until it touches the second line. Then fold it in again on the second line.
On the other edges of the card, fold in each edge on the line you drew. Now fold in each of the pieces - tabs - you cut.
Now we can assemble the box...
Use the photo as a guide. Hold the folded edge with the tabs up. Bend the tabs so they line up with the other side. Fold the other edge up and over the tabs. Use small piece of tape to hold it in place.
Repeat this for the other side of the box. Also repeat this for the other half of the box.

You should now have a complete top and bottom! The top should fit easily over the bottom since you trimmed a little extra off of the bottom card piece.
These boxes are not only a great way to recycle used Christmas, birthday, and other cards, they also make great gift boxes for small treats.
You can experiment with different box depths by adjusting the 3/4" measurement.

Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl

Materials: 14 Greeting Cards, Crochet Thread, Craft Glue, Small Hole Puncher, Size 7 Crochet Hook, Scissors

Started out by sorting her cards by theme, such as angels, nativity, animals, children; then matches them into 7 pairs.
Use the pattern for the bottom of the bowl to cut two of your greeting cards (one of your pairs). Use the side pattern to cut out the remaining 12 cards (6 pairs). Glue your pairs together, picture side facing out, making sure the edges match up. Let the glue dry.
Now you need to punch the holes around the edge of the card pieces. We suggests you start by punching holes in the corners and then try to evenly space them about 3/4" apart. Once you get one of the sides done, use that as a template for punching the holes in the other units. Use the holes in the bottom edge of the side units to punch holes around the bottom edge.
Edith then made 3 single crochet stitches in each hole and 6 single crochet stitches in the corners, leaving a long thread to use to sew the sides of them together. Once she crocheted around all of her greeting cards, she used her crochet stitches as a guide and sewed all the pieces together using the long thread.
As a finishing touch, she crocheted an edging of single crochet stitches or shell stitches around the top of the bowl.
Put some shiny glass Christmas ornaments in the bowl and use on the coffee table.

Christmas card Candle Holder

Materials: Used Christmas Cards (can also use stickers), Baby Food Jar, Glue, Rubber Band, Salt
Cut out a pretty picture from an old card or use stickers; it should be small enough to fit on the side of a baby food jar. Cover the back of the picture with glue and glue it to the jar. Put a rubber band around the jar to hold picture in place till glue dries.
Remove rubber band. Using a paintbrush, cover the outside of the jar with glue. Sprinkle salt over all of it to make the jar glisten. Let dry.
Optional: Tie a piece of curling ribbon around the rim. Put candle inside.

Greeting Card Bookmark

Recycle the greeting cards you have received! Make this great bookmark from old cards.

Materials: Used Greeting Cards, Poster board or Cardboard, Crayons, Markers, or Paint. Glue


Cut a strip from the poster board or thin cardboard, about 8-inches x 2-inches. Cut out the picture on the front of a greeting card. Glue the picture at the top of the strip. Allow the glue to dry.

Write an message on the strip if you want. If the bookmark is a gift, you can simply write "to:" and "From:". If your picture is a Christmasy picture, write a Christmas message on your strip.

To make your bookmark more durable, cover it with clear contact paper or laminate it.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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