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Sewing Christmas Projects

One probably should start some of these projects at the end of November or very beginning of December.  When the kids where born, I got super giant preprinted stocking for the fireplace and just had to sew them together.  They have lasted me 24 years.

Homemade Angel Christmas tree Ornament

Materials:  2" circle of lightweight muslin or flesh color fabric, 12" of 3" wide eyelet -- Cut as follows:
One 6" piece for the body and Two 3" pieces for the arms
Two 5" pieces of 1 to 2" wide pre-gathered lace or eyelet for the wings, thread or button or carpet thread, stuffing, Fine tip textile marker or Sharpie Pen, Doll hair or yarn, glue to attach hair and halo, white or light color pipe cleaner for the arms and Gold Glitter pipe cleaner for the halo

On the edge of the 2" circle, sew a running stitch to pull the edges together.
Before you close the gathering, stuff the head.  Stitch the back of the head closed.  Knot and cut the thread.
Roll the head to make it as round as possible.  Glue hair to the head in the hair area of the head. Draw the face.

Set aside for the glue to dry.
Fold the arm and body pieces of eyelet in half matching the raw edges with the right sides together. (The wrong side is the side that has a chain stitch on the binding.)
Seam each edge using a small seam allowance and zigzag the seam allowance.  Turn right sides out.
Place the bound edges of the arm sections inside each other and sew a running stitch through the bindings, leaving the center open.
Place the arms on a length of pipe cleaner, leaving pipe cleaner extending beyond the arm edges.
Pull the running stitch thread to tighten the arms to the pipe cleaner.
Knot off the running stitch thread and cut it.
Center the seam of the body section in the back of the body section.
Sew a running stitch through the bound edge and gather the bound edge of the body section.  Knot off the top to hold it in place. Do NOT cut the thread!
Run the needle up through the head and back down again.  Sew the head to the body where it "nests" into the body fabric.  Push the needle up through the center of the head.  Start to make a stitch in the top of the head to form a loop of thread.  Form a thread chain that is long enough to use as a hanger. (about 3"}
Anchor the chain back in the top of the head where the thread came up.      Knot off in the "neck" area and cut the thread.
Bend the arm pipe cleaners to form a circle so the ends of the arms just overlap.
Trim and twist the ends of the pipe cleaners together just inside the arms.  Slide the body into the arms.
Then hand sew the seam area of the arms to the back of the body to hold the arms in place. 
Use a spot of glue or hand stitch the ends of the sleeves in place to conceal the pipe cleaner.  Form a circle about the size of the head out of an end of the gold pipe cleaner.  Twist the pipe cleaner on itself to hold the circle.  Bend the remaining pipe cleaner downward and trim, leaving about a quarter to a half inch of pipe cleaner.  Glue the downward part of the halo to the back of the head to hold it in place.
Sew a running stitch in the bound edge of the trim.  Gather the wing using the running stitch. Fold the trim so that the bond edges are next to each other.   Gather the trim so that it will lay flat with the bound edges next to each other.
Sew the bound edges to each other forming the wing section.  Repeat for the second wing.  Place the raw ends of the wings on top of each other (overlapping 1/2 to 1").  Gather the ends together and sew the wings to the back of the angel positioning as desired.
The body was gathered at the part of the lace that ribbon can be run through and the narrower lace edge was folded downward as a collar.
The narrow lace was removed for the sleeves and the area where ribbon can be run through was used as sleeve cuffs while the edge of the wide ribbon was gathered and attached to the back of the angel.
The wings were made with un-gathered lace by gathering the entire piece of lace and achieving the desired effect.

O Christmas Tree Stocking

Materials:  Felt – 2 (16” x 20”) pieces green, 1 (4” x 6”) piece brown, 1 (6”) square off-white, Scissors, Pinking shears, Green thread, Iron-on fusible web, Iron, Fabric scraps – assorted holiday prints, Aleene’s® Jewel-It™ Glue, 33” length ¾” wide off-white lace trim, Buttons – assorted, 5 (8”) lengths 1/8” wide red satin ribbon, Dimensional paint – red and Patterns

To cut 1 large tree from each piece of green felt draw triangle 19” tall x 14-1/2” wide at base on 1 piece of felt. Referring to above diagram, draw 1 trunk at base of tree. With edges aligned and pattern side up, stack green felt pieces. With pinking shears, cut 2 trees, cutting just inside marked line through both felt layers. With edges aligned and beginning and ending 9” from top of tree, machine-stitch trees together around sides and bottom, using 3/8” seam allowance.
Transfer patterns to felt and cut 1 pot from brown and 1 star from off-white. Fuse web onto wrong side of 1 print fabric scrap. Transfer pattern to fused scrap and cut 1 star, cutting ¼” inside marked line. Center and fuse print star onto off-white felt star. Cut 1 (3/4” long) vertical slit in star to create buttonhole for button. Cut 1 small triangle from remaining green felt and glue to top back of tree for stability. Let dry. Stitching through all layers and placing button 1-1/4” from tree tip, stitch 1 button at top of tree. Slip star over button and glue star to tree. Let dry.
To decorate tree, glue lace trim onto tree for garland effect. (See photo). Let dry. With inking shears, cut several small squares and rectangles from assorted print fabric scraps. Tie each ribbon length into bow. Glue fabric pieces, buttons, and bows to tree as desired. Let dry. With pinking shears, cut 1 (1-1/2” x 14”) strip and 1 (1-1/2” x 10”) strip from 1 print fabric scrap. Tie 14” strip in bow. Glue bow to top of pot. Let dry. For hanger, fold 10” strip in half to form loop. Glue ends to top back of tree. Let dry. Write message and name on lace trim with dimensional paint. Let dry.

DIY Snowflake Pillow

Materials:  3/4 yard red felt, 2 sheets cream or off-white felt, or 1/2 yard (you'll have a lot leftover if you buy yardage), snowflake template

Print the snow flake template and then paper on top of my felt.  Cut your snowflake using the template.  Lift the paper off the felt and re-cut any lines as necessary if you missed any spots. 
Cut your pillow cover pieces:
Cut two pillow top pieces 18" by 18", cut 4 backing pieces (for an envelope style closure) 12" by 18".
Sew the snowflake onto the pillow top. Use small stitches and turning, Take your time and stitch about 1/8" away from all raw edges.
Finish the edges of the felt to stop fraying. For the envelope back pieces just turned over by 1/2" on one of the long edges and sewed it down, do this for each of the four backing pieces.
Sew pillow together.  Place pillow top piece RIGHT side up on your work surface.  Place both backing pieces RIGHT side down on top of the pillow top piece.  Pin and sew along entire perimeter using a 3/8" seam allowance. Clip corners.  Turn right side out, stuff in your pillow form and go find a spot to cozy in with it at your couch.

Ice Skate Ornaments

Materials:  small scraps of cotton fabric, ribbon for handle (or use a metal ornament hook), fiber fill or stuffing, ribbon for bow for skate, pipe cleaner for skate blade, and basic sewing needs

Using our fabric ice-skate pattern found above, pin and cut 4 ice-skates.
Place a piece of ribbon you will want to use to connect the pair of ice-skates as shown.
As you sew around the ice the ribbon will get caught so tape it in place. Tape it in the middle of the ice-skate out of the way of your seam.
Stitch the ribbon across the top of the skate in place.
Place front and back skate pieces pretty sides together. Pin around outer edge. Leave a 1.5" opening at bottom of skate for turning and stuffing.
Stitch around the skate using the pressure foot as your guide. Don't forget to the leave the bottom open.
Turn pretty side out. Remove tape. Stuff skate with fiber fill.

Hand-sew or hot glue the opening at the bottom closed. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner and bend the front. Then hot glue in place.
I.e. a bow from ribbon and either hand-sew or hot glue it on the front of each skate.
How to make fabric ice-skate handmade Christmas tree ornaments.    Do the same thing to the other skate. When you are done, there will be a ribbon connecting each skate which you can drape the handmade fabric ice-skate ornament right over a tree branch!

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!


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