Tuesday, January 3, 2017

“Cool Crocheting for Kids” book review

Hi! Crafters!

This is another beginner crocheting book titled “Cool Crocheting for Kids” written by Alex Kuskowski published by Checkerboard Library in 2015. I really like the setup of the book and it is very easy to follow besides having a lot of pictures and easy to read patterns. 

The book starts of discussing the tool you need to crochet with and types of yarn. Next it discusses how to read patterns. In the section titled “Basics” it shows the reader how to hold the crocheting hook.   0n pages 14 through 19 they discuss the types of stitches and has great picture of how it should look. Next is an easy project to start to learn how to read pattern and beginning stitch for the project titled “Beaded Bracelet”. I like how each pattern stars out with a picture and “what you need” to make each project. There is only one thing 
I would change is the second project “Pom-Pom Hat” should be the last project. Step 4 is a little confusing; I had to read it two times to understand they were closing the hat to make the top. I wasn’t understand what they meant by “scrunching” at first. It maybe because I learned to make a crown to start my hat then later how to take and make the peak to put the pom-pom on it or put the pom-pom in the center of the circle you start crocheting,

Overall this is a great beginner book.  There are additional books in this series per the back of the book “Cool Embroidery for Kids”; “Cool Knitting for Kids”; “Cool Needle Felting for Kids”; “Cool Punch Needle for Kids”; and “Cool Sewing for Kids”.

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