Monday, January 30, 2017

Cool Sewing for kids Book Review

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Sorry, it has been a long time since I posted. Hopefully. I can get a lot done today. Unfortunately, this is a lot to take care of in my personal life with my mother-in-law passing to help take care of getting done. She has lived in the some house for 57 years and things have to get done in the house, beside my brother-in-law lives out of state.

So here we go on this book titled “Cool Sewing for Kids” by Alex Kuskowski published by Abdo publishing in 2015. This is another book in the series that now is called “Cool fiber Art.

I like this book because they teach hand sewing and that is a great way to start learning how to sew in my opinion. I learn how to hand sew when I was 10 from my grandmother and then was sent to Singer Sewing School at 12 and learn how to machine sew. My grandmother is the person who taught me to hand sew; she used hand sew quilts up until she was 90. She did not learn to machine sew until 90.

This book has five projects they are “Grab-and-go tote” on page 16; “Zigzag pencil case” on page 18; “Catty Coin Purse” on page 20; “Save the Planet Pillow” on page 24; and “Songbird Gadget Pouch” on page 26.

They teach the following three stitches and they are demonstrated in the Chapter titled “starting up”; which, are the “running stitch”, “backstitch”, and ‘whip stitch”.   I really do not use the “whip stitch” much.  I use the other two stitches a lot when I do “cross stitch” or “embroidery”.

In Chapter titled “Tools of the Trade”, give good tools that a person would use in hand sewing and the first project is a tote which is great to carry or kept sewing stuff in. There are two other items I would include in this list one is a ruler and the other is a needle threader. The reason I say a needle threader is because beginner sewers and people who have neuropathy have a hard time threading a needle. In fact I just ordered needles that are called “Self-threading needles”. The needles are a little open and all you have to do is slip the thread in the needle head.

I was not impressed that under websites they just put the publisher site instead of other place to learn to hand sew or fiber art sites; since, they are pushing fiber art.

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