Wednesday, January 11, 2017

“Cool Embroidery for Kids” book review

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This book is another one in the series from the checkerboard library for kids.  In my opinion it is set for middle school children. The insert states eight to ten year old. This book is set up like crochet book was with five projects toward the end.

“Cool for Kids” by Alex Kuskowski published by Abdo Publishing, Co. in 2015. 

Page 3 starts with Sew Cool then page 6 stares the tools needed tor the embroidery trade. Using an embroidery hoop is talked about on page 10. They come in different sizes; so, an individual will need to figure out what size is best for them to use. 

On pages 12 and the starting on 14 starts basic stitch and the basic stitches that are used. Different project use some or all stitches depends on what is being made or material an individual is stitching on.  

I make a lot of projects using counted cross stitch and back stitches. There are a lot of little easy kits at Walmart that comes with supplies you need. But you have to provide a pair of scissor to cut the thread. On page 18 it shows an individual how to make a cross stitch.

The first project is “Blast off Book Mark” on page 18; page 20 is “Awesome Erasable Notes”; on page 22 is “Out of this World T-shirt”; on page 24 is “Marvelous Monogram”; and on page 26 is the last project “Sew Sweet Frame”.

In “Keep Embroidery” starting on page 30 goes more in depth about embroidery.  The book ends with website one might be interested in taking a look at.

The tools for getting start to embroidery will be ones you might already have or can use with other fiber arts projects. For instance scissors, different sizes of needles, thread especially black and white, measuring tape, pad and pencil, white glue, bag for your project, tapestry needle, safety pins, beads and buttons.  Now you would need embroidery hoop, floss, embroidery needle, fabric which can be felt, linen or cotton, and pattern.

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