Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Kids Crochet Book Review

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This book 2nd in the blog that I discuss about doing children of different ages. In my opinion this is for middle school age children; which, was my ages group that I taught. However the book stated all ages yet later said “Reading Age”. The projects in my opinion seemed more to middle school age children.

So, here we go the title is “Kids Crochet” by Keith Rondi published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang in 2005. 

It was interested the author began talking about “Lefties” and “Finger Crocheting” On page 30 discussed Texture, rib stitch, front and back loop, This is one reason I thought about middle school age children.

Here is another reason on page 62 in the shape section the in book introduces increasing and decreasing.   Page 70 stars a project which makes a project using increasing by making a triangle into a pillow and a quilt.

In the circular section starting on page 80 they introduce using stitch markers then on page 86 the make a pillows one has a butterfly on it the other has a snail. In my opinion this project was very cute.

Since I try to make different hat for my doctor’s office when I saw this hat on page 92 I was interested in this hat. The author introduces making a hat with a button on it. It was explains about “crown” which they call “flat top” then body of the hat. I liked how he introduced how to make ear flaps and other ways to finish off the hat. Middle school ages children like to wear ear flapped hats from what I saw while teaching.

Page 97 went into making tassels. In my opinion I do not know why thy teach tassels anymore; because, most people do not wear them anymore and I am not seeing them on curtains either.

Shapes are discussed on page 98 by making a juggling ball using dried bean or soybeans. This seems to be like the hacky sack balls kids play with waiting to be let in to the school. On page 104 the project is making a cupcake shaped pincushion. Again, in my opinion I am not getting or seeing a lot of people who sew anymore. It seems to be the lost art. But, knitting seem to be the popular craft now.

Doll friends starting on page 108 would be a great section; because, it would help the child in the future to do amigurumi animals.
Sweaters start on page 116 which is still popular for anyone of every age to want to make.

It was interesting to me to see the author on page 124 to discuss caring, washing and storing of your crochet items.

Starting on page 125 however the book ends with abbreviations; however, throughout the book they never used the abbreviations they spelled out stitch, etc. Unfortunately, they child in my opinion will have a hard time reading a pattern which has abbreviation throughout the pattern, now.  I also do not understating they wait until the end of the book to show an individual how to make the stitches or abbreviation while using them throughout the book. I like book to teach this first and not wait until the end.

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