Saturday, January 14, 2017

“Get Hooked” book review

Hi! Crafters!

There are two books in the series from this author.  This first book in my opinion is not as good as the second one. This will be more to middle school to high school age students.

“Get Hooked Simple Steps to Crochet Cool Stuff” is by Kim Werker published by Watson-Guptill Publications in China 2006 then later in the United States.

This book has five chapters starting with Chapter One titled “Gotta Get It!” which discusses hooks, yarns, notions, and how to read patterns. Chapter Two titled “ Step ny Step” which discusses What is crocheting?, stitches, attaching yarn, finishing off, gauge, and on page 37 crocheting for good. Chapter three titled “Around She Goes” which talks about how to increase and working in a round. Chapter four titled “Less Is More” which starts with decreasing, cool edges and fringe. The last chapter five titled “The Patterns!” which goes from pages 58 to 88.

There are eleven project in Chapter five just to name a few beaded book marker, Samantha Scarf, making a pillow form and Popcorn stitch,  page 88 talks about how to make a pleaded miniskirt. Page 90 discusses special stitches, special cluster and double treble crochet. Then on  page 93 using elastic rings.  In addition at the very end of the book, it also give some resource to learn more.

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