Friday, February 20, 2015

Important Health Update!

I am not sure how many individuals know that I been in the hospital; but, I had to spend two weeks in the hospital.  The infection that was causing my leg to swell 4 times its size was not an infection at all. 

Some may know I spent 2 ½ month in Jacksonville, FL in 2013 to get a stem cell transplant.  Other situations happened because of the transplant. I had a blood clot in the neck and got Pneumonitis; so, I have been on oxygen since them. 

I never discussed it but in the back of my mind I worried about using my own stem cells. The doctors states that Chemotherapy would take care of that situation. Since I had more than one type of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma why are they using my own?

Well, to get to the point; the Lymph nodes in my stomach have Large B-cell Cancer and was pushing on the arteries in my leg which was cutting off the blood to flow. So the Cancer is back and only because I was hospitalized the insurance (AETNA) approved a PET Scan which we been asking for a year and half shows the cancer in the lymph nodes  chest and in the nodes in stomach have cancer.  Hey did chemotherapy in the hospital and the leg made a massive improvement; so, I was able to go home. 
So, starting on Tuesday February 24th, this will be my schedule Lab, Office visit, Chemo for 6 hours. On Wednesday chemo for 8 hours and then Friday Lab and shot. Plan will be to do this for two weeks a week off for 3 months and do another PET to see if it worked.

Post a blog will be difficult with vision problems etc.; but,  will try to set up things ahead of time.

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We appreciate all and any help with our Journey to fight Cancer!
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