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The Art of Crochet 4 Kids DVD

Hi! Crafters!

For 2017 I thought I would start by introducing Crochet to Children/kids. I learned to crochet at 12 just after I learned to sew at Singers Sewing School.  This DVD is aimed to younger children.  I wished I had learned earlier to crochet. The boy per this video is 9 years old. In several of my crochet groups I have seen children around 6 learning to crochet. This craft is not just for girls.  I like that a young boy does some of the demonstrations.

There are a few things I have a hard time getting my head around. The first introductions the different types of yarn: but, they talk about Becky Paca making yarn from her brother’s coat. I can only assume she is making Alpaca yarn.  The second thing is they never talk about the different sizes of crochet hooks. It is quickly mean about different sizes when the lady talks about making a granny Square Blanket.

The DVD is titled “The Art of Crocheting 4 Kids” published by TriCoast Studios which is a part of Leisure Arts. 2009.

The first part introduces Al and his sister Becky.  It is kind of disturbing for me to see Becky has finger which is really a human wearing rubber gloves. Al explains when his coat is shaved off he get cold without hair/fur. So his sister crochets him a coat out of his hair/fur to keep him warm.

Becky first shows how to make slip stitch then a chain stitch(es). Then the next stitch she shows is a single crochet; but for ever stitch she introduces she makes a set of chain stitches first.  She never discusses about turning the work but she does make a chain stitch at the end. Becky explains how to make a half double crochet and after that is finish. She makes the same amount of foundation chins and shows how to do a double crochet.

FYI: on the shelf behind Ryan there is a book about how to knit not crochet which I believe is just wrong and it should be a crocheting book in my opinion

Ryan is now introduced and he shows a different way to do a slip stitch then Becky showed. He then shows the basic chain stitch and shows how one turn you work. He then shows how to single crochet and when finished he does one chain and the shows the next stitch but uses the single crochet and just added the double on top.

NOTE: the screen has a big letters PLAY and it is confusing because it looks like you need to hit that area on the screen.

Ryan shows how to make a flower.

Now, a mixture of other children joins in including boys and girls.  Ryan teaches them a totally different way to make a slip stich by using his wrist and fingers. Then going on to the basic stitches but while he shows them he explains about what one does at the end of a row.  I.e. doing a chain and turning the work.

He shows them how to make the flower. They work along and do the same steps.  The one great hint he gives is how to thread the tapestry needle eye by taking a sticky note and attaching it to the yarn end and cutting the note so it fits in the eye. This way it is easier for the yarn to go through the needle’s eye and the individual doesn’t have to twist the yarn straight so the yarn will fit. I especially like this for several reasons. One is you can upcyle (recycle) the sticky notes. Two is if one has neuropathy or arthritis it make it easier to thread the needle. He shows them how to tuck and weave in the ends. How to cut the ends off.

Ryan also gives them different options with taking everyone’s flower and using a continuous chain and putting the flowers on it. As a pencil topper and uses a pipe cleaner and put several of them in a vase.

Ryan comes back with a Granny Square Blanket quickly explains one can make granny square to make different projects. He states he needs to tuck in the ends than cutting the ends off. He says about doing it himself or getting an adult to help.  I realized that neither at this point Ryan nor 

Becky discussed about how you can weave in the ends when you change colors; so, this way you have less to tuck in at the end of your project.

The Granny Square Project is taught by a adult instructor which she never states her name; but, in the credits it gives her name as Marcy Levitas Hamilton  Instructor Hamilton never types of yarn and jump over the needle size just mention she is using blank size hook.  She stresses you will be using four different colors.

At this point I realize they never say you need a good pair of scissors or the kind of scissor to use.

Again instructor Hamilton shows another way to do a slip stitch; but, this time by putting the yarn over your finger. She explains about chaining and doing s slip stitch to make the circle and then crocheting inside the circle. She makes three chains and explains this is counted as one of double crochet in the three crochet clusters; she does stress that 2 chain space and 1 chain space. I learned a Granny Square a different way when I was 13 so it was interesting to see how she did the square. I was taught to do 2 chains and not the 1 chain but 2 and never know until I was an adult it was called a 2 chain space. Instructor Hamilton does explain about how you tell the right side from the wrong side.

It was interesting seeing the different animals that would pass by and check her out in the background.

At the end they do publish the Granny Square pattern and the pattern states you need and H hook. My favorite size hook that is so versatile.

The last part of the DVD is Al Yodeling and the Sing-Along Wild West Scarf Becky makes for AL. I like how they explain about making a triangle scarf which an individual as she mentioned could make a kerchief; but, an individual could make the kerchief bigger into a shawl.

At the very end it gives one a RESOURCE section which contain all Leisure Arts products which include other DVDs, Books, kits, and other items, some are to learn how to knit.

Sorry I know how to knit but I do not like it. So it is unlikely you will see anything on that art.

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