Thursday, January 5, 2017

Crochet: Fantastic Jewelry, Hats, Purses, Pillows & More

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This is the third blog for children about crocheting. This book is more for child in high school because of the projects in the book per my opinion also from the title of the book.

The tile of the book is “Crochet: Fantastic Jewelry, Hats, Purses, Pillows & More” by Jane Davis published by Lark Books a Division pf Sterling Publishing, Co., Ltd. the book also has it is a part of a series titled “Lark Kids Crafts”. I will have to check the library to see if I can find other book or subject the produce.


The book is broken up in six sections, Section one is titled “Fun and games”; section two is titled; “Shape up!”; section three is titled “Getting Around”; section four is titled “Networks”; section five is titled “Challenge Yourself!”; section six is titled ”Shine and Dazzle”.

On page 9  gives the abbreviation to the stitches then on pages 10-12 the author discusses increasing, decreasing, clusters, fountain, picot , round, row, gauge, turn, shells and how to weave in the ends.

Pages 13 to 14 talks about tools and materials, hooks, stitch markers, tapestry needles, and yarn types.

On page 15 how to crochet like how to hold your hook and 16 begins to discuss slip knot and provides a project which uses slip knots. Starting on page 17 slip stitch then page 18 single crochet and half double crochet and 19 discusses double crochet and finishing off. Beyond basic and changing color stated on page 20 with crocheting backwards and triple crochet half triple crocheting. On page 22 the author discusses where doe yarn come from and yarn weight ending on page 23 foreign names, dye lots, space dyed, and spot dyed yarn.

Section one “Fun & Games” starting with easy projects like making shoelaces, string games, like “cats in cradle”; key chain, circle games like “scrunches”.

Section two “Shape Up!” starting with easy to intermediate projects like juggling blocks, slippers, purse, pencil case, and a phone carrier.

Section three “Getting Around” which starts with intermediate projects large ball, space balls, felted hats, and roly poly pig.

The last three sections are all intermediate and advance projects like hats, Backpack and shirts.

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