Friday, January 6, 2017

“Just Duct Tape it!” Book review

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The next two books are again for kids’ but, the subject is different subject it is about “Duct tape”. I got interested in this when I saw the news that a girl did her prom dress in duct tape. When I was looking for another subject these two books came up and so I checked them out and thought about doing blogs about the duct tape projects.

The first book is titled “Just Duct Tape it!” by Leisure Arts published also by Leisure Arts in 2011. Basically, the staff at Leisure Arts wrote the book.

The book starts off discussing the materials an individual will need to do the projects. It does start off with easy projects first. Page 5 starts off with how to make “single side sheets” and page 5 with “double side sheets” and ending with how to making two single side sheet by sticking them together and trimming them to size.  This makes the duct tape on top of each other like fabric which is also on page 7. Page 8 explains how to make strips and 9 how to cover buttons.

Starting projects begin on page 10 with section one titled “Wild flowers”. They show how to make flowers and leaf pens, On 12 they make a vase out of 2 liter coke bottle. Which if you know me I love upcyling and this is a great way to upcyle your coke bottles.  Page 13 is called “Roll Lamp” where they put duct tape on a lamp including the shade. I like on page 14 the duct tape a table and on the table is an upcyle coke bottle cozy. Page 16 is “luggage tags”.

Next they go into clothing and accessories with page 17 making a “ribbon belt” pages 18 to 21 they make bracelets. Page 22 they make flip flops using duct tape and cardboard as the bottom doing the double side technique.

Previously, I stated about the cozy on the table, here on page 25 the show you how you make it.

Now, they show an individual how to make locker stuff with duck tap on pages 26 to 30. In addition you have to wait until page 32 to be shown how to wallpaper the inside of the locker. But on page 31 “pencil case” out of duct tape.

Pages 33 to 42 they show how to make circles and how to make different kinds of bags. A clutch is on pages 43 to 45 with how to make a wallet on pages 46 and 47.

The last page of 48 discusses tape information which includes colors and prints with brands of duct tape.

The next book goes more into make clothes. I will not give the spoiler about making clothes here but you will see it in the next blog.

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