Thursday, January 12, 2017

“Cool Needle Felting for Kids” book review

Hi! Crafters!

“Cool Needle Felting for Kids” by Alex Kuskowski by Abdo publishing, Co. in 2015. Again this is another book for middle school children and the book suggests eight to ten year old.

Beginning on page 4 “Fun Felting”; then and on page 6 “Tools of the Trade”.

Pages 10 starts “Basic” like the series and page 14 “Starting Up” stitches are discussed.  I thought “felting” was using felt sheets and cutting the sheet and then sew. I was way wrong. The felting needle is like a gun with three needles on the end.  The book shows how the needles are used by making a star using a cookie cutter and roving fabric and foam pad on page 13.

This book has seven projects to make starting on page 14 with “Working of Art”; on page 16 is “Bead Bracelet”; on page 18 is “Hidden Heart Bowl”; on page 20 is “Delectable Cupcake”;  on page 20 is on “Felted Sushi Magnets”; on page 24 is “Snuggly Penguin”; and then on page 28 is “Rub-a-dub Subs”.

Again as yesterday the general tools are need. The addition tools are Roving, felting needle, needle felted foam pad, needle felting tool, and yarn.

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