Monday, January 9, 2017

“Crocheting” book review

Hi! Crafters!

This is another book from the “Kids Can Do It” series. Yes, it is another crocheting book; but, I order a lot of books from the library because I am looking for a pattern that my doctor wanted me to make again and I had lost.  

The title is “Crocheting” by Gwen Blakley-Kinsler and Jackie Young publisher by Kids Can Press, Ltd. in 2003.

Page 4 talks about material an individual need to crochet.  On page 6 discusses basic crochet techniques and how the hold the crocheting hook. 

From pages 7 to 12 it talks about stitches, finishing off and changing colors. Page 13 it discusses threading the yarn needle also known as a tapestry needle. Thirteen also states about joining two pieces together.
On page 16to 17 is about making a overhand knot and fringe.

There are ten project discussed from pages 20 to 40 they are easy to do. Just to name a few starting on page 20 to 21 the project is making a scarf, pages 22 to 23 is making a book marker, pages 26 to 29 purse, pages 32 to 33 a beaded belt, pages 34 to 35 beaded scrunch, makes 36 to 37 a cozy lapghan and pages 38 to 40 is a locker organizer.  

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