Saturday, January 7, 2017

“Got Tape?” Roll Out the Fun with Duct Tape!”

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This is the second book I found on this subject of “Duct Tape”. This book has a whole section about making wearable out of duct tape. So, when I discuss that section I will explain the spoiler about clothes,

“Got Tape?” Roll Out the Fun with Duct Tape!” is by Ellie Schiedermayer published by Krause publications in 2002.

There are five sections in this book. The first section is titled “General Instructions”; section two is titled “Wearables”; section three is titled “Home Décor”; section four titled “Hold Everything”; section five is titled “Fun and Games”.  

“General Instructions” section is the same information from the first book I discussed yesterday. The “general instruction” chapter one include ruler, markers, stickers and glue gun where the other duct tape book did not,  So, I am going to start discussing section two “Wearables”.

Here is the spoiler when you make a skirt, dress, or pants out of duct tape the book states not to wear duct tape on your bare skin but wear clothing underneath.  The project discussed in “Wearables” are Ties, Belts, glasses, bracelets, ankles, necklaces, fingers, toes, visor and clothes,

Chapter three has “home décor” such as picture frame, place mats, door streamers, mug and bowl. “holder Everything chapter four starts off with purse and wallet like the other book on duct tape, but it adds picture ID holder and multiple card holder and a supply box,

“Fun and Games” chapter five begins with making a post card. “I am not sure why a hula skirt, crown, tiara, and sandals are not in chapter two “wearables”. The games were cup n ball game, checkerboard and transportable basketball game,  

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