Tuesday, January 10, 2017

“Crocheting for Fun!” book review

Hi! Crafters!

This is a little different children crocheting book because it discusses the basic first and history of crocheting. At the end it gives a timeline what happen when.  When I was learning I never learn that information; so when, I took a test on crochet I got that information wrong because I never learned the history of crocheting. I also like at the end it talks about crocheting for a cause which I taught my student to do not only in crocheting with scrap but in sewing when they had scraps of fabric.  Still to this day I follow that rule. Furthermore page 44 does a Trivia Fun Crocheting Facts is way an individual can see if you did learn the history and other things about crocheting.

The title of the book is easy “Crocheting for Fun!” by Lisa Bullard published by Compass Point Books in 2009. 

This book has only three section starting with section one “The Basic“, section two “Doing It!” and section three “People, Places and Fun”.
In section two from pages 12 to 24 has only four projects to make. They are project one a dishcloth, project two a stripped scarf, project three is pretty purse and project four an afghan.

On page 47 there is a quick reference Guide with crocheting word to know. In addition page 47 has places to learn more.

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