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Christmas projects for teeny or adults

These projects can be done be teenagers or adults.  Teenagers my just what to help, not being sexist but girls mostly.

Felt Christmas Ornaments

Materials:   Felt, Tailors Chalk, Heat n Bond Ultra, Ribbon, thread, Glitter fabric, paint and paint brush (optional)

The size of felt you need depends on how big you want your decorations and how many you are making.
Using tailors chalk, mark lines along the length of the felt to use as guides when stitching. You should space them approximately 1.5cm (5/8") apart.
Then choose your stitches (testing them first) and sew each stitch down a line following the chalk line. When done, give it a light press on the wrong side of the felt to flatten it out again. Cover it with baking paper to protect the iron.
On the paper side of the Heat N Bond, draw your circle to size.. Repeat for how many ornaments you are making, lining them up and making sure the tops are all level.
Cut it out roughly in one piece and then line up on the wrong side of the felt. Iron onto the felt following the directions. Again, put a piece of baking paper over the top to protect the iron.
Once completely cool, cut out along the lines.
Cut a short piece of ribbon. Use a 5cm (2") piece. Peel the paper off the ornament and layer the ribbon how you wanted it, then put the scrap of Heat n Bond on top. Then carefully ironed the scrap onto the back of the ornament. You can use baking paper so very carefully keep the scrap in place.
Once it has cooled, peel off the paper and then put the ornament onto a plain piece of felt. Iron it down, using baking paper to protect the iron and then once completely cool, trim the back piece of felt to the size of the front.
Next step is optional.  Using a paintbrush, paint some glitter fabric paint onto the top square to make it look like the little gold cap on the top of an ornament. Leave to dry overnight.

Christmas Lights Garland

Materials:  Scissors, Single Hole Punch, 130" of 3/4" Silver Ribbon, Pencil, 1 - 9 x 12 Yellow Stick-It Felt Sheet, 4 - 9 x 12 Glimmer Felt Sheets (4 Different Colors), and Pattern

Cut out 4 Bulb Shapes on each 9 x 12 Sheet of Glimmer Felt.
Cut out 16 Bulb Bottoms from 9 x 12 Yellow Stick-It Felt Sheet.
Mark on your Bulb Bottoms with pencil where the holes will be punched.
Remove adhesive-backing on Stick-It Felt and affix to bottom of bulb.
Using the single hole punch, punch holes where you have marked.
Arrange your garland in alternating colors on a flat surface.
Determined your arrangement, begin stringing the bulbs together, tying a bow at both ends.
Finished Garland will be about 80" Long.

Quick Stitch Holiday Ornaments

Materials:  For each: batting, White thread or clear monofilament, Sewing machine,    Acrylic paint – assorted colors, Paintbrushes – ¼” flat shader, fine-tip, Aleene’s® Tacky Glue™, 7” length twine, Scissors, Patterns

For stocking;  Brown grocery bag – 1 (2-1/4” x 3-3/4”) piece, 2 (5” x 10”) pieces,     Fine-tip permanent black marker, Red raffia (or yarn or ribbon)

For bear:  2 (6” x 8”) pieces brown grocery bag, Fine-tip permanent black marker,     10” length ¼” wide green picot edged ribbon

For star:  2 (7-1/2”) squares brown grocery bag, Iridescent fine glitter, White raffia (or yarn or ribbon)

For stocking, cut 2-1/4” x 3-3/4” brown bag piece and round corners for cuff. Transfer pattern to 1 (5” x 10”) brown bag piece. For bear and star, transfer pattern to 1 brown bag piece each. For each, referring to photo, paint designs. Let dry. For stocking and bear, draw details with marker. For star, lightly sprinkle glitter onto wet paint. Let dry.
For stocking, bear and star, cut out design, adding ¼” all around. Transfer pattern to batting and cut out, cutting just inside marked line. Center and stack remaining brown bag piece, batting shape, and painted design right side up. Machine-stitch bag layers together, using ¼” seam allowance. Trim excess brown bag from design.
For stocking, glue cuff to top of stocking. Cut several (13”) lengths of raffia. Handling several strips as 1, tie strips into bow. Glue bow to stocking cuff. Let dry. For bear, tie ribbon in bow. Glue bow to bear. Let dry. For star, cut several (13”) lengths of raffia. Handling several strips as 1, tie strips into bow. Glue bow to star. Let dry.
For each, fold twine in half to form loop. Glue ends to top back of ornament for hanger. Let dry.

Hot Cocoa Felt Ornament

Materials:  felt – blue, brown and white, Embroidery floss – matching colors, tiny bit of pink paint, thin batting, floral wire, and need to make your own Pattern


Start by cutting out all your pieces out of felt.
Place the cocoa piece over the top mug piece, according to the placement on the pattern.
Sew the cocoa to the mug using a blanket stitch.
This is super easy and not scary at all. Start by bringing your needle up about 1/4″ below the edge of the brown felt.
Sew a little stitch about 1/4″ from the left of this one, putting the needle 1/4″ below the edge of the felt and bringing it out just above the felt. Make sure the needle passes over the loop of thread.
Repeat this last step again to start forming the blanket stitch.
Sew all the way around the cocoa piece until you come back to the beginning. For the last stitch, loop it through the first stitch to make the thread lay flat.
Sew the eyes and mouth onto this piece by using small stitches and following the pattern placement.
Fill the eyes in with long straight stitches.
Cut out a layer of thin batting the same pattern as the mug and layer it between the mug front and back.
Sew together the mug pieces beginning with the inside of the mug handle. Use a blanket stitch, making sure the batting doesn’t show between.
Sew together the mug pieces around the outside edge of the mug using a blanket stitch.
Make faces on two of the marshmallow pieces according to the pattern placement. Use french knots for the eyes.
Dab a tiny bit of pink paint on to give them rosy cheeks. :)
Layer together a marshmallow front and back with a piece of batting between them. Start sewing them together with a blanket stitch about halfway down on the right side. Sew across the top and down the left side about halfway.
Place the marshmallow on top of the cocoa section of the mug.
Finish sewing the marshmallow closed, but for the rest of the way around, sew it to the mug as you go.
Repeat for the other Marshmallow.
To make the steam “curls”, wrap a piece of wire around a pen or something handy like that.
Leave a bit of wire (about 3″) on the end straight. Clip the wire.
Feed the straight end of the wire down through the top of one of the marshmallows, between the felt pieces. Force it through the felt in the back just where the mug starts, then feed it into the mug pieces.
This will help it stay straight up. You can then bend and adjust the curl they way you want.
Repeat with the other marshmallow and another wire curl.
Make a loop with embroidery floss and sew it to the back of the ornament for hanging.


Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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