Sunday, December 8, 2013

More Snowman Projects to make

There are always a ton of snowman projects every year to make.  I think is out ranks Santa projects, now.

Golfer's Snowman Ornament

Materials:  Golf ball, Picture hanging hook, Sharpie or other permanent markers in Black, orange, and pink, White paint (optional), and Glitter (optional)

Use the sharp tip of the picture hanging hook to make a small hole in the top of the ball and carefully screw the hook into the ball as far as you can. Make sure it goes in somewhat straight. Towards the end, use a towel to wrap the hook because it starts to hurt your fingers.

Paint the ball white do so now. Once dry, using a black sharpie, make 2 dots for the eyes and some for the smiley mouth. Use the divots in the ball as my guide for the smile.



Use a really light pink marker to create rosy cheeks on the snowman and an orange marker for the nose. Put names and year on the back side.
Put a thin coat of silver glitter Modge Podge over the entire golf ball.  It adds a nice touch to the ornament.
Tie a ribbon and you are set!

Beaded Snowmen

Materials:  three 5/8" wooden beads, six buttons (3 red, 3 white), tiny wreath ornament, pink powder blush and a cotton swab, acrylic paint in white and black, Tulip Dimensional Paint in orange, and an 18" length of craft wire. An 1/8" dowel and a paint roller, and a paintbrush and stylus

Paint these beads more efficiently, thread them onto a 1/8" dowel and used a paint roller dipped in white acrylic paint.
Roll several coats of paint onto each bead.  You can use a paintbrush dipped in white paint for the touch-ups.
Use the cotton swab to apply pink powder blush to the cheeks of each snowman bead.
Tape the dowels securely to the table to make painting the details easier.
Dip the stylus into black paint and dot the eyes and the mouths on each of the snowman beads.
Use the Tulip Slick Dimensional Paint in orange to apply the carrot noses.
Fold the 18" length of craft wire in half around a paintbrush handle to create a loop.
Put the loop over the bottom of the mini wreath ornament and twist the ends to secure the wreath.  This will be your hanger.
Thread your beads and buttons in the following order:
  Snowman bead, two buttons, snowman bead...
(See the below picture) alternating until you have an ornament with three (or more) snowman beads and a red and a white button on the bottom.

Twist the ends of the wire to secure the buttons and beads; use the paintbrush handle to curl each end of the wire into a spiral curly cue.

Creamer Bottle Snowman

Materials: an empty 32 ounce liquid creamer bottle, 5” by 1 1/2” flannel (cotton too), 18” by 1 1/2” flannel, 12” by 4” felt, 8” by 1 1/2” felt, 18” of wire embellishments (buttons, felt scraps, etc.)


If you have the capability, you’ll want to print it borderless because it barely fits on a 
piece of paper.  Cut the larger piece for the vest from the 12” piece of felt.  Cut out 4 of the mittens from the smaller piece of felt.  You can also cut little squares for embellishing the mittens from a contrasting color of felt.
Wrap the vest tightly around the empty creamer bottle.  Glue the edge down to the vest in the front using a hot glue gun.
Using a pencil or pen, mark a dot on each side for the arms.  Slide the vest off the top of the bottle.  Using a toothpick, poke a hole on each side at the mark.  Feed the end of the wire out each hole, bending it slightly so it conforms to the back of the vest.
Slide the vest back onto the bottle.  Glue the edges down using tacky glue.  Secure with a rubber band until it’s dry.  Use hot glue, You have to be very careful not to melt your bottle and the edge doesn’t end up looking as neat.
If you add the contrasting piece, sew them on with embroidery floss before sewing the two mitten pieces together.  Stitch two mittens together using a blanket or straight stitch.  Repeat with the other set of mittens. (See below)

Curl the wire around a pencil, leaving about an inch at the end straight.
Squirt some hot glue into the bottom of the mitten and, working quickly, slide the wire in between the two pieces of felt.  If you’re me, carefully pry the finger loose that you glued to the back of the mitten.

Fringe both short ends about 1” up on the 18” piece of flannel.  Tie it around the snowman’s neck, pushing the knot to one side.
Fold the 5” piece of flannel in half lengthwise.  Press.  Fringe, clipping close to, but not through the fold.
Unfold.  Roll up from one end, wrong side in.
 Hot glue to the top of the bottle with the edge in the glue.  After the glue is cool, fluff.
 Glue a button or other embellishment onto the vest on the side opposite the scarf.
A piece of orange felt cut into a carrot shape would be a good substitute.  You could even add a little black stitching.
For his eyes, use a Sharpie.  You could also paint them on or glue on a little button.  If you use fabric puffy paint, it will give them nice shine and dimension.

Yarn Snowman

Materials:  Three Styrofoam balls, white yarn, small piece of black yarn, very small orange pom-pom, glue wood platform, paint, fabric for scarf, small buttons, and swigs or wire

Paint the wood piece with white.  If you have some Snow-Tex from Deco Art on hand you could add this to give it a dimension.
Note: Deco art Snow-Tex is hard to get now. 
Build your snowman by covering three Styrofoam balls with white yarn and glue them together to keep them upright. Glue on face and buttons, Glue the swigs for arms.  Glue scarf. When finished, glue snowman to bottom to a painted piece of wood.

Share your ideas on this or anything here on the blog either here or e-mail me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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